May 212012

Back in January, my father cut this article out of the Wall Street Journal for me; one of his favorite past times is sending me any and all clippings on fitness.  It gave me an immediate chuckle. This witty tongue-and-cheek article written by Jason Gay had everything one needed to hear about conquering the gym or a new workout routine. And it had me laughing all the way through tip #27: “There is no secret. Exercise and lay off the fries. The end.” -Golden!

I am happy to say everyone at JK Zen Fitness approached 2012 with such enthusiasm that I thought there was no need to remind them that for most conquering the gym, especially post-holiday, is challenging. Then came the spring…and suddenly the enthusiasm started dropping off. I knew I had been too optimistic. Maybe because the spring clouds have rolled in and they tend to linger until noon, it’s not always sunny in Los Angeles, or maybe it’s simply because we all start the year off with such vigor and then life gets in the way. So today I decided to do something better than merely bring the article to the office; I am sharing with all of you. Pass it on, have a laugh and remember “Exercise and lay off the fries”. Enjoy, Jason hits the nail on the head with these tips!

The Wall Street Journal

 May 21, 2012  Posted by at 2:20 pm Fitness, Healthy Eating, Healthy Living