The Bombshell Bride Program:

Float down the aisle. Move with grace. Be that fairy tale princess you’ve dreamt about. Do it all in the body of your dreams! The Bombshell Bride Program is tailored specifically to each bride, as each bride has her own special vision of her perfect wedding day.

This 12 week program consists of 50 sessions with Juliet or another JK Zen Fitness trainer of your choosing.

During the 12 weeks you and your trainer will focus on

  • Full body composition measurements. It’s important to map out where you start and what the end result will be.
  • Posture and movement. This will result in a more graceful walk down the aisle and not to mention the perfect wedding shots.
  • Pilates workouts. Pilates exercises produce a  more slender & elegant looking body by strengthening and lengthening your muscles.
  • Resistance training. Your program will incorporate resistance training in order to sculpt and tone your entire body, making you not only wedding day ready, but honeymoon ready as well!
  • Endurance training. The big day starts early and you’ll need an increased energy level to dance right on through the night. This training will also result in a leaner overall body.
  • Breath and Relaxation. It is most important to have a calm, more centered energy not only on your big day but in the weeks leading up to it.
  • Tailored food plan. It is important to eat food that keep you energy high, skin clear and calories in check, if deemed appropriate from you body composition assessment.
  • Bi-weekly nutritional assessments and follow ups
  • A 1-hour massage because well after all, you deserve it!

Please email for more information regarding The Bombshell Bride Program and let us help you live your fairy tale wedding!

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