Baby Body Series


The Baby Body Series is designed to fit for mommy in action, mom-to-be, or for the woman preparing to get pregnant. You do not need to participate in one segment as a prerequisite for the next. The amount of time for each woman to participate in a segment varies from woman to woman. Ideally, we will have you participate in the Baby Belly to Be Body, followed by the Hot Mama Body and completing with Baby Bounce Back Body. 

Baby Belly to Be Body

A program created for the woman who is planning conception. The goal is to build a strong and healthy body for conception, to strengthen and stretch certain muscles to help relieve back pain during pregnancy and to strengthen the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and back. 

Women Who Exercise Regularly: 2-3 months prior to conception

Women Who Do Not Exercise Regularly: 6 or more months prior to conception


Hot Mama Body

A program designed to reduce lower back pain, reduce swelling in ankles, keep body weight in check for a healthy baby and prepare the pelvic floor for giving birth.

Women Who Exercise Regularly: Immediately, at present intensity level

Women Who Do Not Exercise Regularly: Immediately, after first trimester with OB-GYN approval


Baby Bounce Back Body

A program for recent mommies who are desiring to bounce back into their pre-baby body. To flatten their post birth belly and to gain the energy and stamina to keep up with their new-born.

Women Who Gave Birth Naturally: 4-8 weeks after birth with OB-GYN’s approval

Women Who Gave Birth via C-Section: 12 or more weeks and only with OB-GYN’s approval.