JK Zen Fitness is a full service wellness provider dedicated to helping you achieve the body of your dreams. Health, strength and well-being come not only from outer vigor, but inner harmony as well. Please find below the services which are available to you through JK Zen Fitness.

Nutritional Guidance

Juliet is available to personally guide you and create a realistic, sensible and attainable eating plan in order to help you shape your body. Juliet is on the Health Advisory board for Chobani Greek Yogurt and has also worked with various nutritional programs including Fresh Dining, a home meal delivery service. She is knowledgable in the field and is able to guide you in the right eating direction. Juliet is also a huge advocate of balance in moderation. You will never be told that a certain food is strictly “off-limits.” Juliet will merely help put into perspective the true effects that food and nutrition have on one’s external well-being, helping you make good decisions for your individual health.

Workout Prescriptions

Whether you are looking to train with a personal trainer long-term, or simply kick-start your fitness regimen, Juliet or one of her exceptional and certified team members is available to create specific work out prescriptions for your needs. Your custom JKZ Workout RX can be implemented when you are traveling, away from your personal trainer or on days that you simply want to work out on your own. These prescriptions can be modified as your body develops, strengthens and your workout needs are fine-tuned.

Corporate Packages

JK Zen Fitness offers various training methods, including corporate packages. Please contact info@jkzenfitness.com for more information on this service.

Private Events

Whether you would like to host a fitness retreat, bachelor/bachelorette gathering, bridal shower, mommy-to-be shower, birthday celebration or simply a day of pampering your friends, JK Zen Fitness trainers are available to train you and your guests. Various fitness modalities are offered, including but not limited to Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Weightlifting, Circuit Training, Outdoor Excursions, Guided Power Walks/Runs/Hikes. If you have you own ideas, please email us at info@jkzenfitness.com and we will put together a package based on your needs.