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The Holiday pounds are barely off our bodies and here we are at Super Bowl Sunday, a day that Americans indulge in an estimated 4200 calories. That is almost a full pound and half of added fat and double what the average American woman should be eating and a third of what a male should have. But have no fear there are ways to indulge on SBS and keep your waistline the size it is.

1. Up & at ’em! SB doesn’t start till 3:30pm PST, so that leaves you plenty of time to get up and at ’em. And by “up & at ’em” I mean get to the gym and do your cardio, or grab the kids and spouse and take a long walk, or sneak into that new Spin gym by your house and take a class. Burn 500 or more calories that is your goal.
2. Super Supper. SB is at a precarious time, not lunch and not dinner. Make SB a super, much like Thanksgiving, where your lunch and dinner are the same meal. Because most of SB food is done continuously during the game you shouldn’t feel hungry or deprived by “missing” a meal.
3. Big Spender. Plan your breakfast out the night before the big game. Have a light, low calorie nutritious breakfast. You know your going to be a big spender on calories later in the day so save them up. Try an egg white omelet sans the cheese and butter. Fill the omelet instead with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms & peppers, use four egg whites instead of whole eggs. You will be filled up with tasty & healthy low calorie food. If you get hungry between breakfast and SB, do not snack, grab an apple or banana to tide you over.
3. Snack Bug. The SB is all about food snacks; chips and salsa, deviled eggs, nachos etc. This is dangerous territory, snacking always leads to more food consumption then if you ate a meal. So I suggest to clients that they set a “snack bug” on their phones for every 30 minutes. The idea is that when it buzzes you take evaluation of what you ate in the previous 30 minutes and then don’t eat for the next 30 minutes. When the next buzzer goes off, evaluate if your hungry and then snack or don’t snack based on your answer.
4. Get Up! At halftime and during commercials get up, go for a brisk walk around the block for 10-20 minutes. You can TIVO the half-time show and watch it later. During the commercials get your butt up and walk around the house or at least stand up and sit down a few times.
5. Play the game! A wonderful and healthy tradition you can create starting this year is have an all age family/friend flag football game. Grab a football and hit the backyard for some family activity. An fun twist is to get the next store neighbors in on it and play the families against one another. And the loser has to clean the other house’s dishes.
Moral of the story, enjoy Super Bowel Sunday, eat light in the morning, choose based on your hunger not impulses during the game, and keep moving as often as possible. Lastly, have a blast!
-Juliet Kaska, Fitness Expert & Trainer
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