Jul 302012

Check out the August issue of Oxygen Magazine not just for its awesome Olympic Inspiration feature, but also to learn how Pilates can help you transform your body!

 “Pilates works the entire body as one efficient system, focusing on the core to stabilize and mobilize the body in all activities.”

I had so much fun creating this workout, especially with bikini bodies in mind. Living in Los Angeles means year-round thinking about ways to spice up my client’s routines when summer hits. It’s important to mix up your routine every 4-12 weeks so that you are constantly challenging your muscles and improving overall tone.

My favorite move from the article is definitely the Walk Out and Push. It’s such a great ab workout but also I really can feel it through my arms and chest. My tip: make sure to keep your abs tight throughout the whole exercise to protect your lower back.

These all are great moves to do in the park or on the beach for an added challenge. Get up and out of the gym and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine that summer is offering!

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Jul 192012

Check out my newest Ab Series created with FitSugar! This was such a fun video shoot and Anna, the host, was so great to work with!

The workout is perfect for any fitness level, just follow the modifications provided in the video to challenge yourself. Add these 5 moves to your current fitness routine and you’ll have rock hard summer abs in no time!

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Jun 112012

Have a fitness question you’ve been dying to find out the answer to? Just can’t quite get that one move right? Want to find out what the heck Pilates is?

Join me this Wednesday, June 13th for a live one-hour Q&A session on SELF Magazine’s Facebook Page! From 10-11 a.m. PST (1-2 p.m. for all the East Coast followers) I will be live on SELF’s Facebook page answering your questions about fitness from Pilates to my newest boxing adventure; being a celebrity fitness trainer in the heart of West Hollywood; and sharing my favorite and most sought-after tips  for the summer fashion season!

I hope to hear from you all on Wednesday!




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Jun 052012

There are a few times when I legitimately get school girl excited. When a client books a fitness magazine shoot it happens.

Back in April my longtime client and friend, Stacy Keibler booked the June “summer body” issue of SELF Magazine. Now I know for her it is a ton of work;  try holding a deep lunge with spinal rotation in the sun for endless shots. Oh yeah and don’t forget, you need a relaxed “I love working out” smile. =)  I, on the other hand, have a blast from start to finish. I was asked to design the workout for SELF readers as well as be on set the day of the shoot as the  technical adviser. Fun Fun Fun for me!

Picture Courtesy of SELF Magazine Online

SELF Magazine

When I am asked to create a workout for a fitness magazine, the editors will usually give me the the angle of the specific issue and I begin to craft the workout for the readers. This, however, is not always an easy task. Lots of edits, variations of moves, discussions with fitness editors about how the program works, why it works and that’s just the educational side.

Check out Stacy’s 18-minute workout here!!

Then there’s the visual side of how the moves are going to look when photographed. I have to consider how often that exercise has been used in print and how recently it has been run elsewhere.  It is a dance and a puzzle– one I absolutely love!

In the end I am always proud of the exercise program I have designed. And, Stacy’s workout for the June issue of SELF Magazine, is at the top of my list. It’s a full body, love handle trimming workout. The whole program is geared toward you a having a great summer body!

The June issue is out now so be sure to pick it up and let me know how you like the workout! Then join me on the SELF Magazine Facebook page Wednesday June 13th at 10 a.m. pst for a live Q&A session!

Check out these on set photos of the shoot below!

Here’s me demoing the move:

SELF Magazine

And here’s Stacy doing it for the photographer (courtesy of SELF Magazine Online)

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May 312012

This Saturday, June 2nd, I’m going to be teaching 2 of my signature classes as part of the SHAPE Magazine‘s Summer Beach Tour 2012! The festivities run from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. in Hermosa Beach, CA (1 Pier Ave).

Come spend your day in beautiful Hermosa Beach with me and my SHAPE friends! There will be free giveaways, fashion shows and tons of other fitness classes going on all day!!

Here are the details on my classes and a video below from last year’s show that was a MAJOR success!

Join JK Zen Fitness Owner, Juliet Kaska for her signature Celebrity On The Go Workout and Shred & Burn Workout classes that
will live up to its name, shredding your body into perfect form for summer.

9:15 AM – Celebrity Trainer on the Go with Juliet Kaska

10:30 AM- Shred & Burn with Juliet Kaska

Both classes target areas to help you get you bikini ready in no time!

Click the YouTube link below to see video of last year’s event:

SHAPE Magazine’s Bikini Body Tour 2011

For more information and to get tickets, check out www.shapebeachtour.com. All proceeds benefit the Skin Care Foundation.

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May 252012

Happy Friday! And what a great Friday too because coming up this weekend is everyone’s favorite– a 3-day weekend filled with summer kickoff barbeques and pool parties! Yes, I said it…pool parties and that means the time has come to finally be bikini ready. We all knew it was coming, even as we convinced ourselves it was only April and that bag of potato chips was going to go stale if not eaten right then.                                    But don’t fret, I have plenty of tricks and tips up my sleeve for this weekend and the many future pool parties of the season, that you won’t have to worry about anything but having fun in the sun!

Tip #1 is really a tip for the entire summer and comes from my best friend and her affinity for late night food truck indulgences. Resist stoppnig at the taco/burger/waffle/crepe truck at midnight no matter how enticing it looks after a few cocktails! Dancing is not going to burn off the calories.

But back to the task at hand…we’re in crunch time! It’s Friday and maybe your party is tomorrow and maybe you did stop at that food truck last night, what to do?!

Tip #2: Alter your diet, slightly. Ideally, if you can do this 2-3 days before the bikini body reveal then that’s your target but incorporating the following throughout the day before and day-of will have you looking fabulous! The biggest alteration to your current diet is to cut out salt (listed on food packages as sodium), since excess salt may cause you to retain water and cause that bloating effect we all dread. After salt, processed and packaged foods are the next to go. Generally they are laden with preservatives and sodium, plus nothing beats crunching into a crisp fresh apple for your mid-morning snack!

Finally try to eliminate or significantly reduce the amount of caffeine you drink. If you can’t survive without your morning coffee, try green tea instead. It still contains caffeine, but about 1/3 less than your typical cup  and is packed full of antioxidants to healing properties.

Tip #3:  Juicing is also an option during the 2 days leading up to the festivities. Be sure to buy from a reputable company like my favorite, Pressed Juicery, or do your research if you choose to juice at home yourself. It’s important to get the right balance of nutrients and calories since it will be the only thing you’ll consume all day. Juicing takes a commitment so if you’re not ready to tackle 2 days, try one or maybe replace your lunch with a delicious root juice.

Add a shot of aloe juice to your morning routine to help cleanse your system and a shot of wheatgrass in the afternoon for some added energy. Wheatgrass is the most nutritionally dense food available. I personally like mine with ginger and an orange slice…YUM!

Tip #4: Exercise! Of course my preference is for everyone to get in an hour session of Pilates, reformer or mat style because they will give you an instantly smaller waistline. Pilates is based on the principle of using core strength for everything we do, which when applied correctly will widdle away your midsection in no time.

Another couple favorites of mine are these butt lifters and bridges that will get your booty ready for those boy short style bottoms!





Can’t get to Pilates studio? No time for a full workout? If your busy schedule prevents you from doing a full workout or maybe you haven’t been hitting the gym as much as you’d like to, try this combination of moves to tone up in the days before.

Do 100 push-ups, 100 dips and 100 lunges (per leg). Now before you tell me I’m crazy, these don’t all have to be done in one session, but do have to be done in one day. It’s easy to space them out. Try 20-30 of each exercise in the morning and then incorporate sets of 10 into your day. Take a 10-minute break and use your desk or wheel-less chair (make sure either is sturdy and can support your weight first) to do dips or just get down and rock out push ups in your cubicle. It’s amazing how fast you’ll get to 100 and how energized you’ll feel the rest of the day.

Tip #5: Find the part of yourself you love the most and flaunt it! The summer is most of all about having fun. You’ll feel the most confident when you highlight your best feature. Have great eyes? Learn how to give them an added pop from your favorite makeup counter. Have killer arms? Sport a strappy dress to your next party.

Tip #6: This one is important. Don’t shop for a new bikini just because you have to attend a pool party. If you don’t feel you’re ready for it, wait to buy.  Not everyone goes in the pool at a pool party so instead grab that great sundress you feel amazing wearing or opt for a cute skirt and coordinating bathing suit top. You’ll be festive while not being too exposed.  Just be sure to keep working hard toward the goal of being bikini ready for your next party!

Now that you’ve heard my top tips and tricks, I want to hear from you! What are you secrets for getting ready for that big beach day or poolside picnic? Do you have a favorite exercise routine, pre-event meal plan, or even great make up or product tricks that help accentuate your best features? Share them here!

All photos from here.

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May 212012

Back in January, my father cut this article out of the Wall Street Journal for me; one of his favorite past times is sending me any and all clippings on fitness.  It gave me an immediate chuckle. This witty tongue-and-cheek article written by Jason Gay had everything one needed to hear about conquering the gym or a new workout routine. And it had me laughing all the way through tip #27: “There is no secret. Exercise and lay off the fries. The end.” -Golden!

I am happy to say everyone at JK Zen Fitness approached 2012 with such enthusiasm that I thought there was no need to remind them that for most conquering the gym, especially post-holiday, is challenging. Then came the spring…and suddenly the enthusiasm started dropping off. I knew I had been too optimistic. Maybe because the spring clouds have rolled in and they tend to linger until noon, it’s not always sunny in Los Angeles, or maybe it’s simply because we all start the year off with such vigor and then life gets in the way. So today I decided to do something better than merely bring the article to the office; I am sharing with all of you. Pass it on, have a laugh and remember “Exercise and lay off the fries”. Enjoy, Jason hits the nail on the head with these tips!

The Wall Street Journal

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